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The position of each foundation posts is carefully marked by strings. Our high tunnels are 17 feet wide by 36 feet long. The distance between foundation posts is 4 feet.
The foundation posts are hammered into the ground. A large bolt is temporarily placed on top of the hollow post to protect it from deformation during placement.
A total of 20 foundation posts are installed for the 17 by 36 feet high tunnel.
The first bow is inserted in the foundation posts.
The bows are connected to the foundations posts with bolts that fit through predrilled holes. The bolts will be inserted when the wooden sideboards are installed. A nail is used to temporarily hold the bow in place.
All 10 bows of a 17 by 36 feet high tunnel are installed. Cross braces will be installed to give the structure extra strength.
Wooden sideboards are installed along the sidewalls of the high tunnel.
Pressure treated wood is bolted to the end wall bow to allow a place to attach the plastic film. Where the wood starts to curve, two pieces of pressure treated plywood are lapped and glued together to make for the same thickness as the 2 by 4.
A pressure treated 2 by 4 is bolted to the end wall bow. Note the baseboard of pressure treated 2 by 6 along the bottom of the sidewall.
View of the wood attached to the metal bow in one of the end walls.

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