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Some careful hand finishing is needed along the edges of the drying concrete floor.
Careful hand finishing is needed for the drying concrete floor.
All the concrete is in place and the floor starts drying rapidly. Further smoothing of the top of the floor with a power trowel will ensure a perfect finish.
After completion of the first floor section, the second section followed.
The floor sections are flooded to improve the curing process of the concrete. Note that the "W"-shaped (from left to right in this picture) floor perfectly contains the water on top of it. Later, small vertical flaps will be installed to allow for an irrigation depth of at least one inch.
An electric drill with a diamond tipped hole saw is used to drill holes through the concrete. The holes are positioned directly above the nutrient solution distribution pipes. These holes allow the nutrient solution to be pumped onto and drained from the floor. Water is used as lubricant for the drill.
Close-up of a diamond tipped hole saw used to drill holes through the concrete.
One and a half inch holes are drilled through the concrete and into the nutrient solution distribution system.

View of various components of the environment control system (5-30-01).

View of the roof segments almost completely opened (7-15-01).

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