Curriculum Vitae

Eugene Reiss

Greenhouse Manager-Rutgers EcoComplex

Research Greenhouse, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

phone: (609) 499-2700;  e-mail:



M.S.    January 2006, Bioresource Engineering, Rutgers University. Thesis title: ' Modeling greenhouse floor heating using computational fluid dynamics'

B.S.    May 1999, Bioresource Engineering, College of Engineering, Rutgers University. Graduated with highest honors National Collegiate Engineering Award Winner


Research Greenhouse Manager – Rutgers University EcoComplex January 2006-Present

Manage and/or direct all operations at the Rutgers EcoComplex Research Greenhouse, a one acre research and demonstration greenhouse. Manage all personnel employed at the facility as assistants, interns, and greenhouse workers. Develop and administer budget. Market all products from the facility. Maintain a cooperative and functional working relationship between all parties using the facility.

Manage all research and demonstration projects at the facility and ensure that all projects are properly executed including data collection and analysis. Ensure that all data related to the greenhouse are collected and stored for evaluation and reporting, including collecting and reporting data for the Annual Emission Statement, Semiannual NSPS Reports, Six Month Deviation Report, and Annual Compliance Certification.

Provide information for inquiries relating to agricultural operations and procedures at the greenhouse with special emphasis on hydroponics, aquaculture and aquaponics, use of landfill gas as an alternate energy source, CHP, and biogas production using anaerobic digestion. Conduct tours for visiting scientists, growers, school groups, dignitaries, providing information and narrative appropriate to the group makeup.

Perform routine inspection of all machinery and equipment; ensuring that all regular preventive maintenance, repair, and improvements are completed on all environmental control systems.

Program Associate – Rutgers University January 2000-December 2005

Design, construct, and implement all data collection systems, including evaluation, purchasing, calibration, installation, and maintenance of sensors, for all research projects and Bioresource Engineering research greenhouses.

Data collection, cataloging, analysis, and evaluation. Modeling of the collected data. Preparation of data for presentations at scientific meetings and outreach programs. Co-author of scientific publications.

Construction (including design modifications) of the Open-Roof Greenhouse and high tunnel structures. Installation of data acquisition and control systems. Engineering design and installation of a gas-fired hot-water heating system, including a heated ebb and flood floor irrigation system installed in the Open-Roof Greenhouse. Conduct all maintenance on these systems. Trouble-shoot and remedy any problems with these systems.

Supervise undergraduate students hired to help with above responsibilities.

Help prepare presentations and publications for outreach efforts and make presentations on ongoing research activities.


2006 to Present Rutgers University EcoComplex Greenhouse

Install and operate a 250 kW combined heat and power microturbine and associated gas cleanup equipment to provide heat and power to the greenhouse and export to grid. Evaluate efficiency and economic viability of this technology. Develop strategies to manage greenhouse electrical usage to maximize income from exported power.

Install and operate a small scale anaerobic digester designed to use food waste for biogas production. Determine net energy production, best feed stocks, economic viability, and practicality of this technology.

Improve the fruit quality and yield in a limited cluster greenhouse tomato production system, focusing on cluster number, plant density, and variety type.

Develop a greenhouse production system to grow strawberry tips that can be rooted and used for field production of strawberry fruit.

Summer 2002 - 2005 Rutgers University

Construction of high tunnels at Fruit and Vegetable Farm 3 and at Rutgers Agricultural Research and Extension Center. Installing and maintaining environmental data collection system in each of these high tunnels. Conducting tomato growth trials in the high tunnels.

September 2001 - 2005 Rutgers University

Determining the light transmission through a double layer of a new glazing material (EthyleneTetraFluoroEthylene Copolymer), manufactured by the Japanese ASAHI Glass Company. This new film material was simultaneously being compared with conventional polyethylene greenhouse film.

January 2000 - 2005 Rutgers University

Evaluating and quantifying the performance of the Open-Roof Greenhouse and its environment control systems, including a heated ebb and flood floor irrigation system, an additional overhead heating system, and the ventilation system.

Spring 2001 and 2002 Kube Pak Corporation, Allentown, NJ

Cooperated with Dr. Paul Fisher (University of New Hampshire) in evaluating the use of supplemental lighting for plug production.

June 1999 - August 1999 Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Designed and built a Single Lamp Test Stand with all mechanical systems, hardware, instrumentation, and data collection equipment necessary to fully characterize different types of both water cooled and bare high pressure sodium lamps in terms of radiation output, three dimensional light output, and heat removed under various conditions.

Fall 1999 Rutgers University

Participated in the design of four, one cubic meter plant growth chambers, to be used for whole-canopy photosynthesis measurements resulting in the development of plant growth models for different temperature, light, and nutrient regimes.


Campbell Scientific data loggers, multiplexers, relay drivers, storage modules, and associated software.

Argus Control Systems, which provide environmental control and data acquisition for plant production systems.

Standard laboratory equipment.

Wide range of sensors including quantum, net radiometer, precision pyranometer, spectroradiometer, flow, CO2, heat dissipation for soil moisture measurement, hot wire anemometer.

Woodworking, electrical, plumbing, and farming equipment.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Fluent and Gambit (Fluent, Inc.) for computational fluid dynamics modeling, AutoCAD, SAS (statistical analysis software).


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ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers)

AERGC (Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators)

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